Overview of ELMI Preschool Mathematics

ELMI's work with preschool teachers and students is one of its promising levers for increasing student learning outcomes. This emphasis is inspired by Duncan et al’s 2012 study, showing that early learning in mathematics has the power to improve not only future math outcomes but also future reading outcomes.

PK Professional Learning Opportunities

During ELMI PLCs teachers grapple with pedagogy, math concepts, and the California Preschool Learning Foundations and Common Core State Standards, while learning about aligned math activities.

The photos below capture teachers exploring important math ideas through games found in Kathy Richardson’s book Developing Math Concepts in Pre-Kindergarten.

PK Math Spotlight

Video Introduction:

These videos highlight how math is naturally connected to every aspect of students’ preschool lives. Opportunities to problem-solve and develop mathematical reasoning are embedded in morning rituals, centers, cooking activities and field trips. As students bake bread or role play in the classroom tienda/store, they count, measure and problem-solve. Giving students access to such activities empowers them to see themselves as problem solvers and mathematicians.

Morning Routine (3:11)

Cooking (5:46)

La Tienda (6:41)

Walking Field Trip to the Store (6:09)

Getting paid for working at the store (1:30)

Buying groceries and working with money (1:35)

Buying cups (1:21)

Buying groceries and making soup (1:07)

Buying soup and writing a sign (2:16)

What does two dollars look like? (0:52)

Making change and finding 4 (1:21)

Preschool Math Resources

Foundation and Standards