Early Learning Mathematics Initative

Helping Young Students Make Sense of Their Mathematical Ideas

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Our Modules

These modules highlight a few techniques and strategies to support the teaching and learning of mathematics for understanding. Each module includes a curated selection of resources to support implementation.

Preschool Math

Early learning in mathematics has the power to improve not only future math outcomes but also future reading outcomes.

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Counting Collections

A learner-centered activity that supports students to make sense of quantity while counting collections of objects.

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Math Talks

An instructional routine that supports students’ sense-making of mathematical ideas.

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Teachers and coaches collaborate to support student learning.

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Lesson Study

A professional development practice where teachers plan, teach, and reflect on research lessons to better understand how students think and learn.

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Professional Learning Community

Teachers engaged in a cycles of inquiry focused on understanding student thinking and deciding next steps.

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"Mathematics is concerned with making sense of the world. It is natural for children to seek order and beauty and consistency....Mathematical thinking is that which helps us to make connections, to see order and logic. It is seeing patterns and making predictions. It is estimating, proving, solving and creating."
-Mathematics: Model Curriculum Guide, Kindergarten through Grade Eight. California State Dept. of Education, Sacramento, 1987
San Mateo County Office of Education
STEM Center, San Mateo County Office of Education

Early Learning Mathematics Initiative

The Early Learning Mathematics Initiative envisions a world filled with young learners being supported to explore, grapple with, and make sense of their mathematical ideas. We strive to engage in a continuous improvement process to better support educators so each and every child may thrive in school and beyond. The resources provided in this website are intended to support this endeavor.

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“When you talk about mastery in mathematics, you are talking about the trivial aspects of math. The ‘big ideas’ are never fully mastered; they deepen in complexity over time.”
-Walter Denham
A Partnership That Works

Heising-Simons Foundation

The goal of the Foundation’s grantmaking in education is to prepare children from birth through age 8 for school and life. Children are born with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn. It’s these early years, the formative ones, that are the time to lay the foundation for a child’s future, to mitigate potential achievement gaps, and set children up for greater success in school and life.

Our funding focuses on overlooked components of quality early education including early math; family engagement; and dual language learning; as well as evidence, advocacy, and investment in order to ensure that the systems are in place for quality early childhood education.

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Heising Simons Foundation